Magic of Positivity

The release of the book is scheduled for May 2017. Pre-book now.


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About The Book

When you read this book, it means that you’ve committed yourself to a life of Positivity. Before reading this book, you might not have known anything about Positivity. If you did know of it, you may not have believed in its power. Even if you did fully-appreciate Positivity, you might have had moments of weakness along the way. Friend: let me tell you, we are all the same and we have all been there! This wonderful book is meant to engage and re-energize all of us in our pursuit of Positivity. It is our chance, together, to turn the page.

Why Positivity

 Being positive comes from within, I know when I get up each and every morning I’m grateful there’s no dirt on my face and I get another day to fine tune being positive. When we hear, see and feel positive, it puts our attitude is a better place!.

The Law of Positivity

 When you have and practice a Positive Attitude, you will become more excellent in whatever you do. Be Positive and you will be Happy.

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Pillars of Positivity

Show That You Care (STYC)

This is the most frequent display of positivity I can think of, and the simplest. It comes via an action. Before social media, which covers since the beginning of mankind it has been a common practice that is exhibited in many ways; a hug, a word or phrase, a gesture, a look, etc. And now; a text, a tweet, an email, a post, an emoji, etc. This caring message provides warmth, love, appreciation, affection, passion, happiness that endures for life!

Accept Responsibility (AR)

The buck stops here. This is one of the top characteristics of a great leader. It acknowledges celebration and defeat with no if’s, and’s or but’s. Whether on the home front or in the work place, the frequency of occurrence is limitless!

Treat With Respect (TWR)

This pillar has no boundaries. It is not a reward, as ALL human beings deserve this form of positive recognition. It is understood, some will abuse the laws of mankind and God, and they will be punished accordingly. At the top of the TWR list are family and best friends!

Keep Your Word (KYW)

This pillar brings to light of the often stated expression of ‘think before you speak’. There are way too many occasions when we open our mouth with words that echo a commitment we’re unsure can be fulfilled. Thus, take a deep breath, count to three before responding to what’s been said!

Always Think Remarkable (ATR)

Relates to being truthful whenever the question is posed, ‘How are you?’ The common response is fine, okay, fine, etc. which can often be an untruth. By say ‘remarkable’, you have given yourself flexibility. Plus, a means of uniqueness that draws a look of curiosity, even a smile!

Enjoy A Little Craziness (EALC)

EALC provides relaxation and relief from the pressures we face. It ignites physical and mental juices that can be accompanied by laughter. When this pillar is triggered, all else is put in its proper place. There is a special feeling of passion, happiness and positivity!