4 Ways To Declutter Your Mind

By May 4, 2017Blog

Deadlines, work following us home, economic ups and downs, traffic, pollution, less access to green and open spaces, family duties, stress, the incessant chatter of social media, the need to be online all the time – the world keeps coming at us from all sides and all the time! It can be quite daunting to tackle everything and still retain one’s sanity, or to stay focussed and achieve goals in this environment. Thankfully there are ways to conquer the clutter invading our minds.

Here are 4 things you can do to rid your head of fear or worry and find your balance.

1. Limit The Amount Of Information Coming In

We are lucky to be living in the information age with everything at our fingertips. But too much information can be overwhelming and clog up our brains. The internet has exploded and all those blogs, news, social media updates, emails, phone updates along with traditional sources like TV, newspapers, etc. can be quite the quicksand. So first thing to do is to set limits. Limit the time you access social media for. Limit the number of sites or blogs you read. Make sure you are getting credible information from reliable sources. Just because it is available, does not mean you have to consume it. Most of all, decide what is important for you and disregard the rest.

2. Identify What Really Matters

To successfully do this, it helps if you know what really matters to you. Write down what is most essential in your life – for the moment and for achieving your long term goals. This will help you sieve out the stuff that’s just filling up your life without adding any real value. This does not mean that you need to be constantly focussed and running about. Assign time to stop and smell the roses and for things that make you happy. Cutting out the non-essential time-suckers will help make more time for the things that truly matter.

3. Meditate

Just as important as deciding what to listen to, is to learn the art of tuning out. Meditating is a great way to focus on the moment and letting go of all exhausting thoughts. It can be liberating to allow your mind moments of complete silence without any expectations. As difficult as it might be to achieve this, once you get it no one will be as thankful for the reprieve as your mind.

4. Reconnect With Nature

Reconnecting with nature is another great way to give your mind the space it needs. Research has shown that we have an innate need to be in natural surroundings and connect with the life around us. The concrete and artificial lives we build around us can break this bond and cause us to feel adrift. Reconnecting with nature has the double advantage of reviving that bond and helping put things in perspective vis a vis our lives.

Other ways like exercise, writing a journal, getting enough sleep, getting a laugh also contribute to getting your mind back in order. The idea is to find what will help you find your zen and give your mind the space it needs to refresh and rejuvenate.