5 Free Ways to Make Charitable Donations

By January 10, 2018Blog

Charity is a practice that can help us develop ourselves as human beings and it also gives us the chance to identify the things in life which hold true importance. However, one factor that proves to be a bump in the road for some is the financial aspect of giving. If you are looking to involve yourself in charity work here are some cost-free ways to do so.

1. Volunteer Work

Giving back to the community you live in is a great way to show that you care and it is a gratifying experience all around. Serving food and home construction are the more prevalent forms. If you want to try something different, then with the help of the internet and even mobile apps you can find new ways of lending a hand.

2. Virtual Charity Work

If you have a flair for technology and its finer aspects, then there is always a way for you to provide help to non-profit organizations. Graphic design, webpage development and even online writing submissions are some priceless and valuable ways in which you can donate.

3. Clean Out Your Closet

Everyone’s got a stockpile of clothes, books and the occasional dusty bookshelf that have long been out of mind and sight. Why not give them a purpose again? Check in with homes and shelters in your area to see what you can donate and what you should throw away.

4. Utilize the internet

The internet is filled with interesting ways to donate. Many websites have ways in which they can capitalize your browsing and then donate the money, all at no cost to you. Research ways online to make your surfing and even your clicks benefit a cause.

5. Double Your Income

Many companies are willing to give money to their employees for the purpose of charitable donations. Some are even willing to match their employee’s income up to 100 percent! Find out from your HR department if they can get you involved in some company donation programs.