5 Lessons You Can Learn From A Tree

By January 4, 2018Blog

We as humans are on an endless quest for knowledge, which is a key element of our self-improvement. Lucky for us, information is all around us and readily available. However, this often makes us miss out on the greatest lessons life has to teach us, through nature. Don’t believe me? Take a moment to ponder something as simple as a tree.

1. Change:

Our lives would be so much better if we could change and adapt on a whim. Sadly, the weather outside our comfort zone is extremely harsh and uncomfortable. Look to the trees. Through wind, rain and shine they are able to adapt. From the bark to the leaves, the tree as a whole is committed to change. Similarly, we should have our mind and body disciplined to change, otherwise we will not be able to break through our boundaries.

2. Strength

Tree roots bear an uncanny resemblance to our morals and values that we possess. They seem to function in a similar way too! Weaker roots end up in the tree becoming weak itself, when the test of strong winds come, the tree cannot stand. Life will test us too, you can be sure of it. We too will fall if we do not ground ourselves with strong values and personal beliefs.

3. Vulnerability

From a breezy palm tree to the giant sequoia, every tree must fall eventually. When the time comes, they don’t resist or fight against it. The same goes for us. No matter how strong or controlled we are, remember we are only human. It is healthy to express emotions of vulnerability as well as strength. It helps us to have a healthy balance in our lives. Don’t ever feel embarrassed to have your “moments”. Everyone does at some point.


Frustration is the poison that kills progress. When we don’t get the results we want, it’s easy to slip into despair and anger caused by frustration. Patience is another virtue that we can glean from the trees. The tiny seed of a mighty oak, must bide its time to become the marvel that it will become one day. We too must give ourselves time to grow, trust that we are in control of our lives and the results we want are on the way.


Trees are a source of beauty on this troubled earth. People look at them and are whisked away to a happier place in their being. We too should strive to make someone’s life beautiful. We feel real happiness when we make someone else feel joy. From a smile to a friendly salute, nothing is too small to make a big impact. Spread the ripples of happiness in your lives and behold the beauty.