7 reasons why you should pick up a book right now!

By April 27, 2017Blog

At PossiGlobal we believe that living a positive life is the beginning to making a positive difference in the world. And the one thing that can add positivity to our life with very little effort are books!

If you are a book lover, you already know what I am talking about. But if you are not the type of person who believes that a good day is made up of curling up with a book (or a kindle) on the couch, here are 8 reasons why you should make a trip to the neighbourhood library (or get clicking at Amazon).

1. A good time
A good book is a ticket to some instant good time. With the many different genres of books available to cater to whatever interests you, there’s no dearth of choice. Whether you want some drama, a few laughs, or just some peace, there’s always a books to help you get that.

2. Expands your imagination
Reading is not a one-way street. The writer defines and describes a world for you. But as a reader, your mind has to work with the writer to imagine that world. Since everything cannot be direct and spoon-fed in a book, as opposed to in television or film, your brain rushes in to fill the blanks as needed and this gives a good boost to your neurons and power of imagination.

3. Reduces Stress
A good story draws you in and away from all the stress, problems and nitty gritties of daily life. You become a part of the world you are reading about and can forget your own life for that time. This acts as a great stress buster and refreshes you.

4. Improves Vocabulary
The more you read, the more words you know. Reading helps you become more articulate and improves your command over the language. This can have a direct impact on your confidence, interpersonal interactions and career.

5. Improves concentration
In a world of twitter, snapchat and social media bytes, the average attention span is growing lesser and lesser. Reading a book focuses and grounds you sans distractions thus improving your ability to concentrate.

6. Shapes personality
Reading books help you think about things from different angles. It helps you analyse things. Many a times you might find yourself comparing incidents you read about to what’s happening in your own life and it can shape your reactions. A book can also offer insights into your own life and emotions, helping you tackle them in a better way.

7.Broadens your horizons
The best way to broaden one’s horizons is to travel, meet new people, get new experiences. The second best is to read. Reading opens your mind up to different worlds, alternate viewpoints, fresh perspective, new knowledge and information. It gives you a chance to experience different lives vicariously and expands your worldview.

In short, reading can make one an open minded, knowledgeable, inspired, self aware person. And that’s what the world really needs right now, isn’t it?