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The 9 Best Book Blogs for a Bibliophile

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“Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible form of magic” – a line famously written for us by J.K. Rowling in her, frankly, magical series, Harry Potter. Now, if you’re of those people who feels a little empty after finishing a great book (it’s finished, after all) and you’re wondering where to get your next fix, this article is for you.

There’s nothing like a great book blog to get you and all your fellow bibliophiles together in one place where you can exchange ideas and swap book recommendations. Lovers of the letter must stick together – or something like that anyways. Read on to find out the 9 best blogs that can help you find your next great read.


Amazon’s own, Omnivoracious, has everything you need under one roof – from reviews to author interviews, industry updates, and information on any genre for any age group. If you’re looking for an all-in- one, this is the blog for you.

Modern Mrs. Darcy





Named after the swoon-worthy anti-hero of our much-loved Pride and Prejudice, Anne Bogel enthralls us all by sharing her recommendations and current reads, along with her own reflections about life.

The Indieview

If you want to read the best books self-published by new authors, you can head over to The Indieview where they are already featured and reviewed for your benefit.

The New York Review of Books




Hankering for something more on the intellectual side? The New York Review of Books is an excellent blog that delves deeply into reviews and analysis of literature.

Nerdy Book Club






Looking for book recommendations for kids and young adults? The Nerdy Book Club is a group of like-minded readers who actually write books for the age group. Their recommendations and reviews are an excellent place to get some great material for kids and teenagers.

Book Riot







Book Riot is a fantastic blog that allows you to search by genre and for different age groups. There is something for everyone here and definitely a place to get your next book recommendation.

The Millions







It can be difficult to find thorough, intelligent and honestly helpful reviews, but The Millions manages to tick every box and is a good place to go for thoughtful discussion on culture as well.

The Paris Review






This distinguished English language literary magazine was established in Paris in 1953 and has published works by many famous authors, including Jack Kerouac. The blog is an excellent place to visit for reviews, essays and interviews.

The Page Turner

This is the New Yorker’s blog and you can visit it to read their commentary and opinions on culture and books. It has a podcast as well, for the more auditory-inclined.

So, in closing, got a great book? Pass it on! There are so many fantastic blogs to visit that will connect you with like-minded people and keep your love for reading always alive, as it should be.

Medicine and Positive Thinking – Remarkable Healing Through Positive Thinking

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The power of positive thinking – most of us have heard this phrase multiple times in our lives. Many of us have witnessed firsthand its ability to clear our thought processes; to provide us with optimism and belief during difficult times and boost our morale. However, in most people’s minds, the connection between positive thinking and the effect it could have on our physical bodies remains as unrelated as chalk and cheese.

The truth is that the correlation between positive thinking and our physical health is not as distant as you might imagine it to be. It has been scientifically proven that thinking positively does actually heal our bodies and can even prevent disease. Positive thinkers generally show lower levels of cortisol and other stress hormones, are at lower risk for cardiovascular disease and also tend to heal faster after an illness.

This is no coincidence. If science has long accepted (and it has) that stress, anger and anxiety can adversely affect our physical health, doesn’t it stand to reason that positive thinking can improve it; that it can heal us?

Unfortunately, positive thinking is usually classified under what we consider spiritual or metaphysical, but it could not be more effective for us physically. As studies have shown us numerous times, psychological stress not only delays the healing process, but it reduces the effectiveness of vaccines, lowers your immune system and can even cause miscarriages and affect fertility.

With all these numerous benefits to thinking positively, you’d think we’d do it more often. Try it next time you’re unwell. Visualize yourself recovering and recovering quickly. Imagine how much better you’re going to feel the next day; think of everything you’re going to be able to do when you feel stronger.

Once you realize that you literally become what you think and that your body can respond either positively or negatively, depending on the nature of your thoughts, you will become a lot more cautious about which thoughts you allow to take precedence in your mind. We may not be able to stop negative thoughts from occurring at all, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t more than capable of letting optimism, hope and positivity take over; allowing our bodies to heal and even flourish.