Show that You Care

By March 10, 2017Blog

In today’s fast paced world we are increasingly becoming prisoners of our own lives, constantly caught up in the basics of survival. At the same time technology, while having brought the world closer at one level, has also put people in their own cells with people sitting in the same room sometimes not interacting for hours as they sit glued to their devices. In such a scenario, how do we touch base with our humanity and rebuild strong and solid connections with other people in our life and community? Sometimes simple acts that show that you care can work miracles.

Did you hear about the Realtor from Encino, California who of his own accord hired a clean up crew to pick up the trash left uncleared in a 6 week trash strike. The act put him on national news and his realtor sales went through the roof. Did he start intending this outcome? No! He saw what the trash strike was doing to the community and an opening where he could contribute. The benefit he got was the universe’s way of saying ‘Thank You’.

There are no hard and fast rules here, but taking the effort to understand how you could make a difference to someone’s life can never go wrong. In fact life is made of big and small ways in which we can leave a positive impact on someone’s life. It can be something as simple as acknowledging someone’s presence in your life or the difference that their work makes in your routine, to thanking someone for a job well done, to donating your time or effort to improve someone’s circumstances.

Start with your family and close friends. What can you do to spread some positivity in their lives? Next look around in your community. Identify things that can be done better or someone who might need some added cheer in their life. Come up with a plan for how you can contribute. Try and involve as many others as you can. This can work wonders in getting people together and strengthening the community.

There have been so many instances where just knowing another person cares has meant a difference of life and death in someone’s life. With the world as full of negativity as it is right now, and every other medium of communication only amplifying all that negativity and hatred, we really really need to find our way back to the core of what makes us human and reconnect with that essence of humanity. Showing that you Care and bridging the distances between fellow human beings is the first step in that journey.