Unusual Words With Beautiful Meanings

By December 11, 2017Blog

Words are an art. When we speak we express ourselves, when we write we put ourselves on paper. Words are tied closely with our emotions and the better we are with our words, the easier it will be for us to express our feelings. Sometimes we are limited by the English language in our speech. Expanding your vocabulary in a few languages is a great way to develop your communication and enable you to be more expressive. Add some of these words to your dictionary and they can help at those times when you want to enunciate your emotions but are at a loss for words.


Derived from the ancient Greek word “μετάνοια” metanoia is the definition of change. Its most evident association is with the act of changing one’s mind. Why not live out a metanoia in your life. Change your mindset for the better, supplement yourself with a positive outlook and see how your life improves drastically.


It is a French word by orientation and nature. Interestingly enough, it defines the event of finding something of value say an artefact or a gold reserve. This word represents our passion and our drive not to give up on our dream. It is the reward at the end of a tunnel of hard work and perseverance. Take action in your life and find your trouvaille.


A derivation of vagārī which means to wander. A more modern take on the word is a whimsical, radical, unusual and passionate desire. I’m sure by now yours has already come into your mind. Don’t shirk your passion, it makes your life exciting, colourful and all the more worthwhile.


This word is a beautiful depiction of a euphemism we all come to. It is the realization that everyone around you is a life just as complex and vivid as yours. A tale of the beauty, sorrows and reality of life all wrapped up together it helps add a face to the surreal experience of your sonder.